I haven’t been on vacation all summer, so I decided to book a flight and get lost somewhere in the wild. My destination was Norway and that’s about all I knew. No idea where to go, no maps or whatsoever and yet it would turn out to be one of my best adventures so far.

My plane arrived around midnight. Before I could head north of Norway and into nature however, I had to spend one night in Oslo. Hotels are rather expensive in Norway so I decided to pull an all-nighter and experience the nightlife. I put my backpack in a locker and headed out to find some bars. As I was wandering around, two guys roughly my age approached me, offering to show me a cool place in town. Naive as I am I followed them. After about ten minutes and no bar in sight I wanted to go back to where we came from. Just then one of the guys dragged me into a narrow street pushing me against the wall. „Gimme all you money“, the other one said pulling out a knife. I freed myself and started running like hell.

I found myself a nice pub. Shocked and realizing how lucky I was that nothing had happend I needed a beer. I met this really cute girl and we started talking. Her smile and deep-brown eyes blew me away. After some hours that flew by like minutes she had to leave. She knew she was never going to see me here again, so she gave me her phone number Facebook lipstick. Her lipstick?!? What the hell should I do with a lipstick? – „Keep it as a memory“, she said. Back then I did not know how useful this lipstick would turn out to be. We goodbyed and with a lipstick in my pocket I went back to the trainstation.

Reaching Trondheim, a beautiful little city up north, I could finally enjoy nature. I decided to put up my tent in the woods somewhere on a mountain called Bymarka. It was getting dark so I started looking for my flashlight in my bag. It wasn’t there. I checked my pockets. Nothing. My plan was to go back to town but without a flashlight I would never find my way back. Suddenly I got this really crazy Idea. I took out the lipstick that this wonderful girl gave to me and started marking trees. From my tent all the way down to the city I would put lipstick on every other tree.

I found the most awesome hipster bar in town called BrukBar. After a couple of beers and some interesting conversations I headed back to my tent. It had started to rain and I really hoped that the lipstick was waterproof! Entering the forest with no other light but my mobile phone I started looking for pink trees. It was a disaster! Everything looked the same in the darkness and I was yet to find a pink mark on a tree. And there it was: a tree wearing lipstick! I can’t tell you how happy I was at that moment. It took me another half an hour to get to my tent but I finally made it. Thanks to the lipstick.